About us

It all started with a simple question...

"Why hasn’t our football club got a website?" asked our founder Johan Haynes. Like all good things, Club Website began with a very simple idea.

It seems like a ridiculous question today but in 2004, when our journey began, the internet was a different place and grassroots football certainly wasn’t at the forefront of technology. Johan wanted an online home for the local club that he was managing. He wanted to communicate with club members and other teams in the area, but there was no ready-made platform available.

Club Website had begun.

It soon became apparent that our idea might also benefit thousands of other clubs across the country. So we set ourselves three key objectives. Firstly, the platform we created had to be amazing and suitable for all clubs, regardless of size or stature. Secondly, it had to be simple to setup and update. Thirdly, and most importantly of all, it had to be free.

Just a few months later, in July 2005, the Club Website network was launched. The response was phenomenal.

A new league website service soon followed and, thanks to amazing support and brilliant feedback from our members, we have continued to grow into the largest provider of football league and club websites in the UK.

Eight years on we now manage a massive football community. Over 20,000 teams, 300 leagues and over one million footballers use our services on a monthly basis. We're still growing, but our founding philosophy remains the same. We are still passionate about football and are always striving to inspire those players, managers, coaches, committee members and fans who love the beautiful game just like we do.

It’s been an incredible journey so far and we're still only at the start.